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American Connector Company Essay

American Connector Corporation makes electrical connectors at a plant in Sunnyvale, California. With applications from military, aerospace to consumer electronics and appliances, there is great difference in terms of specifications also. Standard designs were established by International Institute of Connectors and Interconnect Technology, the National Electronics Distributors Association or by the end user. There is rumor of entry of DJC Corporation of Japan which was a dominant supplier of electrical connectors in Japan. DJC had not established itself in the US as it had no plants in the US and but a small sales force. This created problem for ACC who also had problems of their own with regard to Sunnyvale plant where costs were increasing and quality of production was decreasing. Threat of DJC to American Connector Company Due to the operational excellence that DJC has, ACC should be extremely concerned with their entrance to the US. DJC will be willing to operate at smaller margins to capture the market share. The intensity of the market competitiveness can result in compounding of the threat of the lower prices. ACC will have a limited amount of time for the realization of this threat and to evaluate the next course of action. Main threat to ACC from DJC comes from the operational efficiency and static cost difference and hence disregarding the arrival of unnerving competitor like DJC can immediately disrupt ACC’s pricing strategy and long term profitability. Following factors reinforces the threat of DJC to ACC- (1) Lower Material products cost – Following table shows that cost incurred by DJC as compared to ACC is lower in both the years 1986 and 1991. In 1986, DJC had 7% more COGS incurred as compared to ACC while at the end 1991, they were reduced by 40%. If DJC sets up manufacturing base in US Landscape, there will be substantial raw material cost reduction for DJC as compared to ACC. (2) Lower defect rate and greater efficiency- The quality losses for ACC is 1.6% against 0.7% of DJC. The defect rates at Sunnyvale’s are as high  as 26000ppm of production and its quality control is end product inspection as compared to process centric quality control in DJC. (3) Higher Fixed Asset utilization- The effective utilization of fixed assets (in %) for DJC is 75.4% as compared to mere 30.2% of ACC. (4) Lower Work In process inventory- Kawasaki Plant of DJC had processing lead times and work-in-process inventories averaging for only two days against high inventory levels of ACCâ⠂¬â„¢s Sunnyvale Plant. (5) Lower Raw Material Inventories- The raw material inventories of ACC averaged for 10.8 days which is more than double than DJC’s average of only 5 days, which in results in less inventory cost and reduced finished good cost. (6) Higher responsiveness to customer order delivery- Because of highly automated production process at Kawasaki plant of DJC, the speed of order delivery is one day whereas ACC works on batch production process which produces about 4,500 varieties of connectors, hence they have more than one day However, DJC will face a number of challenges in implementing its Kawasaki Factory model in USA which are mentioned below- (1) Customer Contacts- DJC would not be able to leverage its strength to the fullest in USA as it would have to compete in a new market with no major contacts. (2) Flexibility of Production process- Batch production process of ACC renders it great flexibility in terms of customization of products to its customers as compared to DJC. (3) Production and Inventory Control- There are 700 standard connector product lines in North America alone and ACC makes 4500 SKU’s and some product lines were run on almost continuously basis. So it would be very difficult for DJC to be able to maintain such long run times when they need to produce almost 8 times the number of varieties of connectors they produce at Kawasaki. (4) Finished Goods Inventory- DJC carries 56 days of finished goods inventory as compared to 38 days of ACC and given the short life cycles of electronics, DJC faces high risk of being obsolete. (5) Demand Variability- DJC’s product oriented layout operated on high volumes and low variety production, thus reducing costs. However USA does not have a certain demand for such high volume products. How big are the cost differences between DJC’s plant and ACC’s Sunnyvale plant? Consider both DJC’s performance in Kawasaki and its potential in the United States. To study the cost difference between DJC’s Plant and ACC’s  Sunnyvale plant, we need to remember the important fact that the two plants operate in an entirely different scenarios (Countries). Thus in order to bring in a direct comparison between the two the cost indices between United States and Japan in 1991 comes very handy. The various indices that compare Japan with US are given in the foll owing table Cost Indices (Us to Japan)

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Rebuttal Outline

REBUTTAL FORM OF PERSUASION The purpose of this paper is to argue against those perpetrators who are committing human rights violations against an oppressed group of people who are unable to defend themselves against the abuses. To defend the victims, you must know why and how the perpetrators are oppressing the group of victims and why these abuses are wrong. Your paper will be organized according to the rebuttal format for persuasion. This paper is organized the same way your persuasive paper last year was organized. Make sure you follow the form below for this paper. This format is required; it is not an option.Even though there are many forms of persuasion, we are learning the rebuttal format. I. Introduction a. Tell why the issue is important. i. Harm—What or whom does it harm? Identify the victims. ii. Significance—To what extent are the victims being harmed? 1. Quantity—List statistics indicating the number of cases in which harm can be found and the durat ion of the harm. 2. Quality—Cite individual examples showing the intensity at which harm occurs. iii. Inherency—Show how the current system of laws or government involvement are promoting the problem or prohibiting its removal. b.Background information—Give a short history of the issue. c. Defining value terms—Define controversial or vague terms. Include various possible definitions where necessary. (For example, you may want to distinguish between your definition of adult and that of those who use child soldiers to fight their wars. ) d. State your position on the issue. (thesis) II. Body a. Rebuttal i. Explain an important argument against your position. ii. Refute this argument against your position by offering evidence to support your rebuttal. 1. facts to show proof by induction 2. syllogisms for deduction 3. examples 4. easons 5. quotes iii. Explain a second argument against your position. iv. Refute it in the same way as above. v. Explain a third a rgument against your position. vi. Refute it in the same way as above. b. Defense—These are arguments that support the new way you want the oppressors to think. They support your position. This is where you make your strongest case. i. Present an argument in support of your position. Prove it by using 1. facts to show proof by induction 2. syllogisms for deduction 3. examples 4. reasons 5. quotes ii. Present an argument in support of your position. Prove it by using the above. ii. Present an argument in support of your position. Prove it by using the above. III. Conclusion a. Restate your position on the issue. b. Conclude with an emotional appeal for your position. What will happen if we don’t listen to your suggestions? Predict the future for your victims. c. AND/OR give your readers a call to action. What should they be doing to resolve this issue? IV. Works cited a. Evidence should be cited in your text. See the MLA Stylebook for help. b. Follow MLA style for creat ing your works cited page. c. Don’t forget to cite all Internet sources. V. Essay Parameters a.Essay Length: 1200-1600 words (not including work cited) b. Number of arguments: At least three rebuttal arguments and one defense. c. Number of CITED sources: At least three different kinds of credible sources (Example: a website, a magazine, a newspaper) d. Due Dates: See Angel Reminders †¢Use the vocabulary of your topic. †¢Choose words that have emotional connotation to help your cause. †¢Create an interesting and original introduction and conclusion. †¢Try to use rhetorical devices of parallelism and repetition for dramatic effect, especially in your conclusion. †¢Cite sources accurately. †¢No first or second person.

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Romeo and Juliet Comparrison Movie

The famous play, â€Å"Romeo and Juliet† by William Shakespeare, have been adapted into two movies. Zeffirelli directed a historical portrayal of the film, and Luhrmann directed a modern interpretation of the film. Both versions were portrayed in Shakespeare’s original text. Each movie had use a different approach when it came to setting, props and mood. In Zeffirelli’s version, the setting was a recreation of the 14th century, in the city of Verona, Italy along with ambience of classical music, traditional dancing, renaissance clothing and Shakespearean dialogue. Luhrman’s Hollywood remake called â€Å"Romeo+Juliet† had a combination of original Shakespearean dialogue with a modern twist. The ambience was in Verona beach in the 1990’s that included car chases, costume parties and gunfights. The twist of this version was to imagine the tragic storyline in a modern perspective and how it would fit into today’s society. The props in both movies were different. For instance in the Luhrman’s version, money was used instead of gold coins. This is shown when Romeo pays the apothecary for poison. In this version guns replaced swords. This is shown in the fighting scenes of the movie. Zeffirelli’s had kept the gold coins. An example can be when Romeo gives these coins. He had also kept the swords for the fighting scenes as well, so it can be relevant and historically accurate to Shakespeare’s time. The moods in each movie were very different. In Zeffeirelli’s version the film was very intense and the audience could feel the affection, grief, rage, and enmity of each character. An example can be when Mercutio is giving the famous Queen Mab speech. In this scene the audience can see that Mercutio not just a joker but he also has a dark side. On the other hand in Luhrmann’s version the mood was very comedic and less suspenseful. This was shown from the more humorous yet passionate actors. An example can at the party when Luhrmann dresses Paris in a spaceman suit to make him look ridiculous and uses him as comic relief. This symbolizes that Paris is not what Juliet wants in a man and knows that Romeo is her true love. The passing of time in Zeffeirelli’s version was slower than the faster paced modern version. In both films, a few scenes were left out, such as the fight with Paris at the Capulet’s tomb. In conclusion, Luhrmann and Zeffirelli both interpreted Shakespeare’s play, â€Å"Romeo and Juliet†, very well. One was presented with a modern-day twist and the other presented in the actual times of the original play. Personally, I enjoyed watching Zeffirelli’s version more because it portrayed the authentic work of Shakespeare and the past of Verona, Italy. There was also more suspense and one could feel the tension and emotions of the characters more.

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Legalizing Abortion

Topic: Abortion Question: Should abortion be legalized in East Africa? Claim: Yes, abortion should be legalized in East Africa. Outline: I. Introduction A. Definition of the term B. Historical background II. Reasons A. Abortion helps in stability and minimizing the effects of poverty in a family. B. It helps in controlling the population of a country. C. It helps in preventing the deaths of women caused by illegal abortion. III. Unstated assumption: It is good to have a decrease in population because when population of a country increases, it may lead to decrease in the national income and economic growth, and increase in unemployment.IV. Opposing views A. Choosing adoption as an alternative to abortion. B. Abortion can lead to a decrease in population which may endanger the economy of a country. C. Legalizing abortion does not guarantee the survival of the woman after abortion. V. Responding to opposing view A. In Kenya, adoption in Kenya has a long process and restrictions. B. A de crease in population is also a positive impact to the country. C. Legalizing abortion reduces the unsafe abortions hence, gives hope to the woman aborting. VI. Conclusion A. Summary of pointsB. Recommendations Abortion Abortion can be defined as ending of pregnancy or termination of pregnancy by choice or one that happens accidentally in case of miscarriage. The pregnancy is removed from the womb, either by taking pills which involves taking medicines to cause miscarriage or by surgery. In East Africa abortion is common and is almost always illegal and unsafe. Even though induced abortion is highly restricted in most of Eastern Africa, an estimated 2. 4 million unsafe induced abortion occurred in the region in 2008.Nearly one in five maternal deaths can be attributed to unsafe abortion and more than 500 women die per 100,000 unsafe abortions. If compared with United State, where abortion is legal and safe the case fatality ratio is 0. 6 deaths per 100,000 abortions (Hussain, 2012). Hence, legalizing abortion will reduce unsafe abortions and the expense of the procedure. Abortion helps in stability and minimizing the effects of poverty in a family. Most of these abortions results from unwanted pregnancy, hence the family or the woman is unable to support the child decides to do abortion.Because a child needs a lot of care and support therefore money is involved. And this will help in minimizing the effect of poverty that would have likely occur if the fetus was kept. Abortion helps in controlling the population of a country. Kenya is among the under developed countries. This means there are fewer resources compared to the number people in the country. There abortions help in decreasing the population of the country which reduces the dependency ratio in the country and increase employment.It is good to have a decrease in population because when population of a country increases, it may lead to decrease in the national income and economic growth, and increase in unemployment. Abortion helps in preventing the deaths of women caused by illegal abortion. Most of the abortions performed in Kenya are unsafe due to lack of proper professional performing the abortion or lack of proper environment including equipments and surrounding where the abortion is being performed. Hence, endangers the health of the mother. I agree that women should choose adoption as an alternative to abortion.The woman should give the child away to a needy family which lacks children instead of aborting. But that is not likely to happen in a country like Kenya. It’s because childless families most of the time takes the children of their relatives to take care of. And also Kenya adoption process is very long and the court is the only legal body that approves the adoption. I concede that abortion can lead to a decrease in population which may endanger the economy of a country. A country like Kenya is still growing hence needs human labor. Decrease in population may le ad to decrease of the countries performance.However, a decrease in population is also a positive impact to the country. Because it will lead to increase in employment which will lead to an increase in the country’s Gross domestic product (GDP) and also leads to an increase in living standard of people. While it is true that legalizing abortion does not guarantee the survival of the woman after abortion. This is because the chances of surviving the abortion is 0. 6 per 100,000 people but legalizing abortion reduces the unsafe abortions hence, gives hope to the woman aborting.When abortion is legalized even the big hospitals will offer the services which are better compared to these illegal and dirty places where most of the abortions are performed. Abortion therefore helps in stability and minimizing the effects of poverty in a family, it helps in controlling the population of a country, and it helps in preventing the deaths of women caused by illegal abortion. However, the go vernment of Kenya should limit the number of abortion to be done per woman and this should not imply in miscarriages.

Analysis and Evaluation of Aspects of Pastoral Care and Mentoring in Essay

Analysis and Evaluation of Aspects of Pastoral Care and Mentoring in the Educational Contest - Essay Example ..............................10 Opportunity Costs V Opportunity Gains.....................................................11 Specific Pastoral Needs and Strategies.......................................................12 Conclusion †¦..............................................................................................14 References...................................................................................................15 Introduction This paper undertakes an in-depth enquiry into the concepts of pastoral care and mentoring in the educational context. This involves a critical analysis meant to evaluate aspects of pastoral care and mentoring. In attaining this end, the researcher undertakes a critical evaluation of the specific pastoral needs of students and examines the strategies for the attainment of this end in educational institutions. The paper examines how pastoral care and mentoring supports in effective learning. This is done through an examination of t he needs of people in the educational system. It also analyses the various strategies in the attainment of these ends. There will be an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the strategies. The analysis will conclude on the ends that each strategy meets in terms of specific pastoral care. The following objectives are examined: 1. A critical analysis of pastoral care and mentoring in the educational system. 2. ... Best states that â€Å"pastoral care marks an evolution of education from a purely academic system to one which incorporates social and family oriented lessons† (2000 p3). This means that Pastoral care seeks to integrate the important aspects of life that were primarily taught by parents and the society to children in the society before the coming of the Industrial Revolution. In other words, the social system of Britain was quite distinct in about five hundred years ago. However, in modern times, changes in the socio-economic system of Britain and other nations has caused the focus of society to shift from social values to one where efficiency, economic gains and independence are emphasized. As such, pastoral care attempts to recreate and inculcate the social value systems and structures that were taught informally before fundamental changes to the society occurred. The system through which most schools do this is through pastoral care, affective education, guidance and couns elling and personal/social education (Best, 2000). This is strongly steeped in Christian traditions and systems of trying to get people to be morally and socially upright right from an early stage. The world Pastoral care has a Latin root, pascere which means to feed. Best traces it to the early Anglican systems of Britain where Pastors were required to 'feed' their 'flocks' through care and other forms of mentoring and supervision systems which ensured that the members of the Church carried out what was taught in the Church and also raise their children in accordance with acceptable standards and traditions (Best, 2000). Pastoral Care became common in Cambridge and Oxford and gradually spread to secular state

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Strategic Human Resources Management Bachelor Essay

Strategic Human Resources Management Bachelor - Essay Example This paper contributes to the work/life balance and work/non-work conflict literature by analyzing the literature of various studies, which examine the attitudes and experiences relating to work/life balance among UK, employees in the first 10 years of their careers. Specifically, the analysis explores the extent to which work/life balance matters, the extent to which it is being achieved and the factors that determine perceptions of work/non-work conflict, including the state of the psychological contract between employer and employee, work involvement and organisational support. The potential impact of work/non-work conflict on organisational commitment is examined, and the policy implications for employers considered. Corporate leaders understand that employees' work and family lives rare inextricably linked. They al ways have been but today, with increased pressures in both domains, the overlap and the challenges created are increasingly obvious and complex to resolve. Solving the paradox seated in an organisation's need to be optimally productive and the individual's need to find quality time to meet domestic responsibilities, to establish, maintain and grow relationships and to relax and re-charge, is the great challenge of the new millennium. Most managers have yet to overcome the conundrum for themselves let alone help employees resolve it in their lives. The prospects for easing the work/ life imbalance dilemma lie, at least in part, in establishing what is creating it. 'Know thy enemy' and so forth. Enemy number one must surely be the 'time distribution imbalance' trap - consistently committing too much time to work where this is having a detrimental impact on personal life. However, the concept of 'work-life balance' means different things to different people, and there are always shades of grey. What is an imbalance to one person is perfectly acceptable to another. In addition, commercial realities cannot be ignored. Somehow, the needs of key customers and/or other stakeholders must be met or they will take their patronage elsewhere. These and the myriad of other related issues are why the problem is so vexed and why many leaders effectively suspend their attempts to solve it. It ends up in the 'too hard' basket. However, given the gravity of the problem and the potential upside that comes with finding a remedy, at some point the issue must come back to the fore. So where to start Most managers agree that a so-called 'quality work environment' reduces the employment stresses that can spill over to staff's personal lives and create distress. The quality work environment bundle might include job characteristics such as work time flexibility, individual responsibility and autonomy, the physical office environment, pay, equity and advancement conditions. Lastly, but certainly not least, the nature of interpersonal relations in the office is very important. For some time, it has been argued that achieving a 'balance' between home life and work life is increasingly a priority for many people. As long ago as the late 1980s, Scase and

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Take home final Exam Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Take home final Exam - Assignment Example Section 2: Product 13: In the year 2012, FDA made public an examination into 5deaths, along with a heart attack supposedly tied to utilization of an energy drink known as Monster. The analysis was launched subsequent to the passing away of a girl who was 14 years old of a heart attack because of caffeine toxicity following the drinking of two twenty four ounce canisters of the energy drink referred to as Monster, which as one contains four hundred and eighty caffeine milligrams. That is the caffeine comparable to fourteen Coke cans. One thing is certain: it cannot harm to be additionally mindful of the caffeine utilization (Narins 2). While the caffeine tolerance relies on the person’s size and existing consumption practices, the Council of American Medical alliance on Scientific Affairs proposed that an individual ought to be not more than two hundred and fifty milligrams of caffeine, or approximately three 8-oz coffee cups each day. The American public is pushing to get the Monster energy drink restricted for the reason that energy drinks are believed to be dietary complements; their contents are not presently FDA regulated. A lot of the energy drinks together with Monster Energy drink not simply have extremely high caffeine degree, but they additionally mix them with extra herbs that have caffeine, for instance, guarana , as well as yerba mate, that have the capacity to cause noteworthy side effects (Narins 3). Section 3: Pricing 22: A gas model car of MSRP is known to cost 38,375 dollars, and measure it up to the same hybrid model proffered by the similar company at a bottom MSRP of 43,935 dollars. The hybrid representation costs 5560 dollars more. When one buys a hybrid car, one would anticipate to accumulate gasoline, in view of the fact that the car operates to some extent on electricity. Within the above instance, the typical, two-wheel-drive the year 2011 model's merged highway, as well as city probable fuel utilization is 21 miles for every gal lon. The similar replica with a hybrid locomotive has a probable combined 30 miles for every gallon gas mileage. If an individual plans to maintain the hybrid for more than a few years, his gas reserves would possibly recompense for the top sticker price, for the most part with a year's rapid boost in gasoline cost, if the individual would purchase approximately 728 gasoline gallons every year. In difference, for the hybrid, the individual would establish that the yearly gas acquisition would be of approximately 510 gallons. The individual would put aside 218 gas gallons each year when using the hybrid. Multiply the 218 gallons by a conventional 3.50 dollars a gallon of gas for every dollar reserves of 763 dollars. By choosing the hybrid instead of the normal model, a person would spend the $5,560 disparity in sticker cost within seven to around eight years. Therefore, in this instance, an individual would save cash either by disbursing full price, as well as utilizing the hybrid fo r eight years and more, or by utilizing it for three years and more than with a tariff credit. Section 4: Channels of distribution 24: The top five retailers within the globe take account of Wal-Mart, Kroger, Target, Walgreen, as well as Costco. All these retailers are from the United States of America. Walmart has 8,500 storehouses in